It is important to maintain your engine regularly. This would ensure that your car or truck performs effectively. Such maintenance also determines the lifespan of your engine. At Pak Auto Service, our experts are interested in only one thing; protecting your interest. You can call or visit us to enjoy this service. Our engine maintenance services include:

Fuel Injection
This is a system through which fuel gets into the engine. Fuel injectors are now used in place of carburetors since 1990 making it the major channel through which gasoline reaches the engine. It is as such important to maintain the fuel injection system adequately. Our experts at Pak Auto Service can carry out a proper maintenance on your fuel injection. You can either call 415-822-7859 or visit us today.

The ignition system uses an electric spark to mix fuel and air. Such mixture takes place in a gasoline engine. When the ignition system is working well, your car would perform well. You can call or visit Pak Auto service for any maintenance or replacement needs your ignition system might need.

Ignition Wires & Cables
Ignition cables make up a key part of the ignition system. They are sometimes referred to as spark plug wires. Their major function is taking the spark in the ignition coil to spark plugs which facilitate the combination of fuel and air. This in turn ensures that the engine starts. After some time, the ignition wires and cables could become weak such that they break down. Once this happens, the spark would find it very difficult to get to the engine cylinders. This in turn leads to engine misfiring making it impossible for the car to start and perform effectively.

The following symptoms can be used to detect a fault in the ignition cables and wires: vibrating engine, engine misfire, poor gas mileage, engine light coming on, etc. at Pak Auto Service, we have professional mechanics that are well grounded in issues relating to ignition wires and cables. Feel free to call or visit us.

Spark Plugs
This transmits electric current from the ignition system to the combustion chamber. Spark plugs need to be changed regularly so that they don’t cause ignition problems.
At Pak Auto Service, our experts can  replace spark plugs in your car.